Loving People, Loving God.

Vision is simply a picture of a preferable future. It's what you want and aspire to be. Jesus was asked one time what is the most important thing? His answer to that question is our vision - Loving Him and loving others! His will is our heart - to be "Loving People, Loving God."

This is carried out by our driving purpose of "Gospel. Community. Mission."


Our mission is to share and demonstrate the love of Jesus to our community and world for the glory of God.

Celebration is not just a place. It's more. It's also a people. And we intentionally seek to be a people who daily share (tell) and demonstrate (show) the love of Jesus to our community and world. We do this through a process we have developed called, "Gather, Grow, Give, and Go."

"GATHER." Scripture communicates that God has designed us as believers to live, worship. and serve in community with each other. For that reson, we gather together as a body to worship Jesus on the first day of the week. Our weekly programs are designed for both children and adults to be able to gather for worship and learn God's Word.

"GROW." We believe that as followers of Christ, we are not called to go beyond the gospel, but deeper into it as we learn more abouts its application to our lives. We seek to GROW as believers to maturity through different avenues such as Connect Groups, smaller Bible studies, etc. 

"GIVE." Everything we have is a gift that has been entrusted to our care by Jesus. He is a giving God and He calls us to mirror His heart to the world. We are stewards of everything He has entrusted to our care for a short time. As His children and as an act of worship we seek to give back all He has entrusted to us in one way or another. Because we are motivated by His love, we delight in using our time, money, and abilities for His glory.

"GO." Jesus has called us not to huddle and retreat from our culture, but to lovingly engage with our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers as His ambassadors to a world that needs Him. That means that what we do as a church and a people doesn't need to be exclusively centered around a building and property. There's nothing GREATER than deploying our people, both here and around the world, with the joyful opportunity to make Christ known.

GATHER, GROW, GIVE and GO. It's what we do! And it's God's process for this place to make followers of Jesus as we share and demonstrate the love of Jesus to our community and world for the glory of God.